How To Measure For Wool

MEASURING YOUR CHILD- OR "Belly Button to Butt Crack"

 You need:

1) Relatively compliant child- good luck on that one. If that's just not happening, try measuring another article of clothing that you already know fits well. 

2) Soft measuring tape

3) If you intend to use your wool as a cloth diaper cover, typical diaper ON your child- to know if the items will fit, you need to have your typical diaper on your child. If you want the cover for nights, PUT the night time diaper on.

 To measure your child's thighs: Measure around the meatiest part of the baby's thigh.  This is very important to know when buying a cover!


To measure your child's rise: Measure from mid-back at the waistline (aka just above the butt-crack) to slightly below their belly-button (where the diaper hits).


To measure your childs's hips:  Measure at the fullest part of the hip (with the diaper on, if using as a cloth diaper cover), wrapping all the way around child.


To measure your child's waist:  Measure at the natural waist (where you expect the band to hit) along where the top of the diaper is hitting.  If you prefer to have LO's belly button covered by your cover, then measure across there, but know that those pot-bellies will often push down the waist to the 'natural' part.