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Wild Coconut Wear is a small, handmade brand focusing on slow fashion production using sustainable fabrics. We offer wool interlock clothing that can double as a diaper cover, if desired. We also have hand dyed stretchy flat diapers and boutique quality, artisan clothing in size 0-3 months through youth size 12. 

If you've found you're way here and would like to learn more about our products and business, read on!

What does slow fashion and sustainable mean?

For Wild Coconut Wear, it means that we make things one at a time. It means that we have a thoughtful and intentional process from the fabric sourcing right down to packaging and shipping to your home.

The fashion industry is notoriously wasteful, often relies on slave labor or low wages, and poor working conditions. Much of the clothing produced today is essentially disposable and can end up in landfills after a short time. It's not made to last. 

The difference at Wild Coconut Wear is we make clothing that's meant to last. To be passed down from one child to the next. We choose classic styles that are always in fashion. Pricing allows the moms that make our pieces earn a living wage. We also source everything we use in the process thoughtfully, using other small business or US made materials if at all possible. The fabrics we choose are natural, not synthetic.  Even organic, when feasible. They are based from renewable resources and will naturally decompose if they do sadly find their way to a landfill. 

Why does wool work as a cloth diaper cover?

Wool diaper covers are probably most widely known for their wonderful leak protection. Wool will keep baby's clothing, bedding and your lap dry. It initially resists moisture forcing the diaper underneath to soak up as much as possible. Of course your first line of protection IS that absorbent diaper underneath your cover. But once the diaper has reached its soaking point, the wool will now begin to soak moisture up. The porous outer layers of the fibers quickly absorb (and then evaporate) moisture. It will absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet to the touch.

Closely related to the above, wool is naturally breathable and temperature regulating. Meaning it's warm in the winter, cool in summer. It is, after all, meant to keep sheep just the right temperature. The transmission of moisture in and out of the wool keeps baby from getting chilled or sweaty (and over heating). Felting the wool intensifies this feature adding even more air pockets within the wool. Air is constantly circulating in and out of these air pockets allowing baby's skin to breathe, stay dry and rash/redness free. Allowing skin to breathe is, after all, one of the popular reasons caregivers choose cloth diapering. Happy skin = a happy baby!
Of course our wool is about much more than diaper covers. We offer sizes 0-3 months through youth size 12 and sometimes beyond.
Wool is a great choice beyond diapering. We have some graphics about why to choose Wild Coconut Wear, wool clothing or flat cloth diapers here
If you would like to read even further about why wool is so amazing, we have more information here
How do I make a purchase?
Another thing that can be confusing at first is just how do I get my hands on these amazing pieces?! You hear terms like RTS and MTO and preorder. And when you're new, you just want to get into it and figure out what you like. RTS means ready to ship. The garments are ready made and just waiting to be shipped. All of our ready to ship products can be found here. If you find something that catches your eye, add to cart and proceed to check out. You're new WCW will be headed your way within about 3 business days.
We add new pieces almost every week on Fridays at 2:30 EST. You'll usually find a selection of basic pieces or special pieces with special dye effects, embroidery or applique.
The next option is ordering in one of our periodic preorders. These are announced in our WCWChat group and main Wild Coconut Wear Facebook page. There will be a specific set of colors to choose from, then you select your style and size. In about 3-4 weeks your special piece is handmade to order and shipped to you.
If you'd like more details about these options, please check out How Stockings and Preorders Work.
Perhaps you're not ready to make a new purchase and would like to try some preloved options first. We have you covered with our WCW Buy/Sell/Trade group.


What size should I get?

The most frequently asked question is what size to get. The most important step to purchasing the correct size is taking measurements, over the bulkiest diaper you will be using if using as a cloth diaper cover, then comparing them to the stated measurements on the size charts (link). See here for tips on measuring. If you're having a difficult time measuring your child, second best is measuring clothing you already knows fit correctly. In general, you should be able to order the same size as your child wears in big brand clothing.

If you are using wool over cloth diapers, another good place to start is looking up the rise of your favorite diaper. It's nice to have about 2" more rise in your cover than the diaper, an inch all around, but less will work too if you already have a smaller size. 
Since the inseam on short styles is really not much of an issue, the size is pretty flexible here. When you get to long pants then you really need to pay attention to the inseam. My personal opinion is I like cuffed style for younger babies, under about a year, because they grow SO fast. It's easy to fully cuff, then half cuff then uncuff to get a nice long wear out of them.
If you're still not sure or would like to see photos of other children in their Wild Coconut Wear, we have an amazing group of helpful parents and caregivers in our WCW Chat group. Jump right in with questions or just lurk and absorb information. You can also click on various topics within the group that will bring up posts and photos on that specific topic.
What styles are available and what do I need ?
See all of our available styles with descriptions and photos here- Available Styles
How do I take care of my WCW clothing and diapers?
How to wash often feels intimidating when you're new. But once it's broken down into steps, it feels much less overwhelming. We have several guides available here for you. You can even print these out and keep with your laundry supplies for quick reference. Even better yet, we have all the products you need available in our shop here.
Who is Wild Coconut Wear anyway? 
Learn all about the maker here- Meet the Maker