Product Styles

Wild Coconut Wear Product Styles
All Wild Coconut Wear cloth diaper covers are made from organic merino wool interlock milled in the USA and Okeo Tex certified. It is a blend of 97% wool, 3% spandex which gives the best combination of softness and stretch. The fabric is hand dyed in rich, stylish colors and felted to a weight appropriate for diapering. It is then sewn by fellow moms in smoke free, pet friendly homes. The pull on style is perfect for quick diaper changes while the closure free design means maximum comfort for babies on the go.

Wild Coconut Wear wool interlock soakers are a trim fitting cover to wear over cloth diapers. Stylish enough to be worn alone as outer wear, yet trim enough to be worn under your favorite clothing. The scooped belly design and extra roomy behind provide the perfect fit, while the soft, stretchy fabric allows the cover to move with your baby for ultimate comfort. Wool interlock soakers are meant to fit snug, with a hug, and each size will fit a wide range of babies, stretching and growing along with her. The extra layer of wool through the wetzone means extra protection from wetness where it's needed without the bulk where you don't. When your baby falls between two different sizes, it is OK to size up for longer wear.
Longies and Shorties (pants and shorts)

ShortiesWild Coconut Wear wool interlock longies and shorties are a quick and easy alternative to traditional covers, acting as a diaper cover and clothing all in one. Again, the scooped belly design and extra roomy behind provide the perfect fit while the soft, stretchy fabric allows your baby to move freely. The loose fitting, relaxed design is perfect for a baby on the go. Available in two styles- hemmed or cuffed for your choice of looks. The most important measurement here is the inseam.
Weggings - Long and Short
Wool + Leggings = Weggings! This style of wool interlock cover has fully covered,


slim fitting legs vs. the leg cuffs of a traditional soaker. This style offers the warmth and coverage of longies with the double layer protection of a soaker. These are slim fitting and could easily be worn under a dress similar to tights or leggings or under loose pants for extra warmth similar to long johns (think 'base layer' for cold climates). The soaker portion is the exact same pattern as our traditional soaker, the legs are the same opening but extended in a "skinny" cut. These are offered in double layer and single layer styles.  We also offer these in 'bike short' and 'capri' lengths for all seasons.

Footies- (footed longies)







Footies are the wool diapering answer to footed pajama pants! Footies are the same style as our cuffed longies with added to inseam to reach the bottom of the foot but with attached feet to keep toes snuggly warm! Sizes beyond XS have patches of recycled wool on the bottom for a textured, non slip grip.